About Our Store


The House Full of Books 

I am a retired English teacher whose habit of collecting and distributing books has spilled over into a business. The business started while I was still teaching in 2001, and continues to grow. All the books listed on this site are found in my house. As of June 2103, there are around 22,000 listings with many more waiting to be listed. They are distributed over four floors, all of them shelved and numbered. I began with a bias to literature but inevitably, as quality books appeared before me, I now have an amazing diversity of books for sale. There is a particularly large listing of books in Architecture, as well as another 90 categories.


The Name 

My name has alliterative B's and the business is online - thus the business name. Although packages are at the mercy of Canada Post once they leave here, I like to think of them making a bee-line to your house, and, to be fair, Canada Post's success rate with me is over the proverbial 99.9% based on many thousand mailings.


The Staff 

My wife, another pastured English teacher, assists me in the business, as well as keeping watch on the mania that book collectors are prey to.


The Home

Our house is still primarily our home and so the business is exclusively online. But, occasionally a local buyer will drop by to collect an ordered book and save the shipping.


The Cats 

A bookstore needs cats and we have two: LV (Little Voice), the mom who reads Eliot when feeding, and Hector, the son (top, foreground).


Cats and Books



The Past 

I still maintain the website I built when teaching English at ARHS. I have had many kind words on the site from various corners of the world, and I believe many of the essays there are still being cribbed and submitted to unwary English teachers. If you are interested in teaching English, or have an interest in literature, you will probably find things there to please or annoy you. There is a large number of entries on poetry. Also, I have a variety of Powerpoints on teaching grammar and poetry, only a few of which are contained on the site. If you have an interest in this area, let me know, and I can send them by email. The site is : www.mrbauld.com